Avariel Devon Rex

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About me

My name is Reine Austin and I registered my breeder name, Avariel, in August 2007. I live in Loppi, Finland ( c. 80 km North of Helsinki ) with my husband, two young daughters and our cats. I’m a new breeder but I’m taking my breeding very seriously with the aim of producing litters of Devon Rex kittens that possess an excellent health, temper and type. My breeding being a hobby close to my heart and not a business, litters will be available only occasionally. All my cats live in the house with the family.

My passion for cats first started while living and studying in Italy, when I got my first kitten, a common domestic cat named Moustache, from a lady who had a fish shop in Rimini. I had never known any cats until then, but wanted to learn all about them. A year later I had other two domestic cats, Mandy and Pallina. All my domestic cats have passed away by now. Only over a decade after having my first domestic cat, had I the courage of having two pedigree cats: Kisulin Senja ( Miina ) and Kisulin Minttu ( Minttu), both European short-hair cats, who almost accidentally ended up being members of my family. It was through them that showing cats found my interest. Unfortunately Miina and Minttu didn’t like being shown, and so promised them never to take them to another show.


What I always dreamed of was a Devon Rex cat. I had been dreaming of having one for over a decade, but I quite didn’t know where to get one and for having waited for one for such a long time my expectations had a very high standard. I was willing to wait even longer just to have the perfect kitten. And eventually I did. In 2005 a Devon Rex female caught my eye in a show. It was exactly how I had imagined a Devon Rex should be. I waited a couple of years for this beautiful female to have a litter, and finally in April 2007 Tikrun Kis Cica, the most wonderful tortie pointed kitten moved to live with us. She has proved to be much more than I had never dared to expect. She is beautiful, she has a sweet and good temper and she immediately fit in our family. In January 2008 Miffy - Infracat's Murphy's Red - made a welcomed addition to our family. Where there is one Devon Rex there will be another one, as we have seen it happen. Since then our family has grown of Cica's kitten Avariel Briciola ( Lola ) who was born in June 2009 and in December 2009 we had a the addition of Welsh female Rogus Tigerella Temptress ( Lilli ), and two more Avariel kittens, Cica's granddaughter Latte, and Lilli's daughter Huli.


Should you be interested to contact me for any further information, please send an e-mail to:

reine.austin(at)pp2.inet.fi or call at +358-50-4613202.

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